Kitchen prices

Example Kitchen based on the Apple Kabera range. Click here for Plan view.


Every kitchen has it’s own characteristics and personality, so it is impossible to price a kitchen accurately without detailed discussion and careful measuring.

You may be looking for an inexpensive make-over, or a dramatic transformation. Either way, you’ll find our prices very appealing.

Below we give you an idea of the possible costs involved by showing the same kitchen layout priced in all the different ranges. Each range has been priced with all the appropriate panels and trims, but the total doesn’t include fitting or appliances.

The layout illustrated has the following items:

Prima Kitchens

  • Evesham and Harlow£1068
  • Oakfield, Kingston and Madison£1198
  • Hendon, Rivington, Nevada, Pearl, Malvern and Kendal£1234
  • Hampton and Vancouver£1381
  • Sherwood£1753


  • Citra Oak and Beech£1005
  • Forma, Sentia and Reviva (cream and white)£1105
  • Sentia and Reviva Oak and Forma Beech£1265
  • Avanti£1308
  • Image White, Black and Cream Gloss£1513

K Kitchens

  • Pickering and Milan£1412
  • Savona, Komo, Kumara, Newbury, Lucca, Charlestown, Khloe and Nevada£1582
  • All gloss colours, Kiera and Alaska£1893
  • Ludlow, Ashbourne, Knightsbridge and Hereford£2080
  • Keswick, Sorrento and Abbey£2254
  • Vienna and Versailles£2319

Colonial Kitchens

  • Tempo - all colours£1590
  • Cologne, Urban£1757
  • Celine, Abbey, Flaxley, Cottage£1870
  • Decor - all colours, Image - white£2076
  • Image - all other colours£2137
  • Lucido - all colours, Integra£2144
  • Gloss Lacquer - all colours£2318
  • Shaker - all woods, Ilka, Castille Oak, Castille Painted£2403
  • Heritage Oak, Oyster£2642
  • Heritage Tobacco, Romani Oyster£2790

Painted wood

  • Kinsale, Lansdowne, Oakham - all paint finishes£3928